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Contrary to popular belief

Sure, here are reasons to visit Albania:

Natural Beauty: Albania boasts stunning landscapes ranging from pristine...

The Castle of Kanina

The Castle of Kanina The Castle of Kanina is a cultural heritage monument located...

Grama Bay Gulf of Grama (Gramata) Gjiri Grames

The Gulf of Grama, located on the Karaburun Peninsula and also known as the Gulf of...

The Lagoon of Narta

The Narta Lagoon is one of the largest and most important lagoons in Albania. It is...

Exploring Albania's Natural Wonders: Haxhi Ali Cave, Julius Caesar's Path, and the Flag Pine of Llogara

The Cave of Haxhi Ali The Cave of Haxhi Ali is located on the Karaburun...

The Monastery of Saint Mary, Zvernec

The Church of Saint Mary of the Zvernec Monastery is a church in the village of...
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